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Download this form, print it, sign it, and return it to Guidance:Dual Credit Information0.docx

Dual Credit Information & Guidelines

  • Dual Credit classes taken, must be on the approved course list.
  • Some classes require the Accuplacer and have other
pre-requisites in order to register for that class. Make sure you fit those requirements.

  • Tuition and books are covered by the FMS district, it is the student’s responsibility to acquire the books. They are available in the SJC Bookstore or in the SJC Library.
  • Any additional fees or supplies are the responsibility of the student. (i.e.; art supplies, etc.)
  • You must take a Dual Credit Class that follows your chosen career pathway (i.e.; your classes must progress you towards your desired degree.)
  • You must take a career cluster to view which pathway may fit your interests best. See Ms. Brandi for this.
  • If you fail a Dual Credit class or do not maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher, you risk being placed on academic probation. This status will be on your college records permanently and may hinder your chances at getting Financial Aide in the future.
  • Before dropping a class, you need to speak with the Guidance Counselor (Ms. Christensen) as well as the Dual Credit Representative (Ms. Brandi). We need to know why you’re dropping and what you plan to do regarding this graduation requirement.
  • If you take an online Dual Credit class, you must sign into it every day. The online classes at SJC ARE NOT like the online program we use in the school. You must login and do your assignments as they are given to you. Your class is done at the pace of the instructor/course, not your own.

  • Keep in contact with your instructor. If you have an emergency or cannot make it to class, they need to be informed of your absence ASAP. Most classes will drop you after 3 absences/being a no show and this will affect your ability to take further Dual Credit classes. Most instructors will give you a syllabus with their contact information listed somewhere.
  • You will need to sign into your Canvas account to verify your Dual Credit grade once a week and show it to the Dual Credit Counselor. This is to ensure you are keeping up with your class.
  • If you have problems signing into Canvas, you will need to contact SJC tech support at 505-566-3266.

I have read over the guidelines and understand what it requires to take
a Dual Credit.

Name: ________________________________

Date: _____________