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ThumbnailTriangle Sum Theorem Jon Ives The Geometry class is working on triangles this week. There are 180 degrees in the interior angles of a triangle. That is the Triangle Sum Theorem and it allows you to find a missing angle if you know the other two. We'll be combining that with the Ext 2017/11/6 11:08 AM  21K2017/9/27 5:29 PM
ThumbnailQuadratics Jon Ives Want to help your student do well on the first TLI Test? Help them study quadratics! This si the key to the first test. Basically, note the second sign. If it's positive, then the signs were the same and you can look at the first sign to tell you what 2017/8/28 7:42 AM  49K2016/9/13 11:42 AM
ThumbnailQuadratic Systems Jon Ives The Algebra II classes will be tackling the difficult subject of Quadratic Systems this week. In a Quadratic System, the student will find the intersection, if any of a linear graph and a Quadratic graph. Uses in real life include the interception of mi 2017/2/26 3:12 PM  52K-
ThumbnailImaginary Numbers Jon Ives Your students are working with Imaginary numbers? Does that sound intimidating? Well don't worry! You can click here to watch a video on it and help your students! https://www.khanacademy.org/math/algebra2/introduction-to-complex-numbers-algebra-2/the 2017/1/26 5:36 PM  90K-