Food Truck

We are so excited that our FMS Food Truck has finally arrived. This brand new full size, fully loaded food truck will be present at many events district wide, but one of the functions we are most excited about is for this to become another serving point for our students at Rocinante.     We are so excited to have the grand opening on Monday April 25th at 11am, outside in the west parking lot.  

On this day, this special lunch will be served outside at the food truck for all students who wish to participate.  The menu this day will be designed specifically for our new food truck and include some things like air fried navajo tacos, and smoked chicken drumsticks that our Rocinante students will be the first in the district to try! 

Beginning next year, the food truck will be at Rocinante most days, weather permitting, allowing your students and faculty a second dining option in addition to the normal serving point inside the cafeteria. 

The other high schools have these options built in, and we can't wait for the students at your site to have the same!  Thank you so much for this opportunity to serve.